Journalism: Magazine cover

My magazine front cover design is based on Rouleura London-based magazine about professional road cycling.

Rouleur54       Rouleur_cover

On the left is Rouleur’s most recent issue, a special on the Giro d’Italia (Tour of Italy). On the right is my design, incorporating photography from Joel Hewitt, a graduate of the Press & Editorial Photography course at Falmouth University.

Here is a larger version on my design:


As it is possible to see, there are a few subtle differences, namely with the masthead font, which has slightly different detailing in the serifs. This was purely because a high enough quality Rouleur logo could not be found and this font was the closest alternative. However I feel that the overall look is similar and does not detract from the design.

I have opted for a ‘time trial’ theme purely because of the cyclist pictured is a time trialist at this year’s TT championships in Hull. I chose the photograph because of its large amount of negative space, allowing for the use of bold coverlines. The use of the gold colour is symbolic to the nature of competition, with athletes striving for the gold medal.

As per Rouleur‘s style, the coverlines are all fairly minimal, with bold one-word references. On this occasion I decided to name three famous British time trialists – Bradley Wiggins, Alex Dowsett and Chris Boardman. The more detailed coverlines (above the photograph) are all time-trial-related also.


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