Journalism: Profile feature – Cornish Horror Story


Last night, whilst procrastinating and watching my current favourite TV show American Horror Story, I was struck with inspiration. The show deals with aspects of the paranormal, and I thought that interviewing a psychic or medium would make an interesting profile feature.

This is somewhat moving away from my usual features which have for a long time revolved around sport, particularly cycling. However, as this is the final semester of the course, I thought it would be useful to diversify my portfolio a bit.

After researching a few mediums in the area I have managed to organise a meeting with Dez Richards, a medium based outside of Truro. For the time being he is not aware that I am a journalism student and I will be going as a paying customer for one of his ‘sittings’. This is partly out of curiosity and partly out of trying to discover whether he would make a good interviewee.

The sitting is scheduled for later this week so I will have to wait until then to know either way.


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